TV Storm Troopers

So.. just as I was sitting down to write todays earth shaker…. my front door gets kicked in and three guys wearing shades and TBS jackets rush in with snacks and drinks…. they start yelling at everyone to get in front of the TV because as has been decreed throughout North America – a law has been passed whereby each and every citizen is to be in front of their television to see the second coming, I mean the New Conan show…..

So I watched, did you? Do you care? Do you even know who Conan is?

So the verdict is in…… All the turmoil and all those Twitter frenzies… for that? Given a chance to reinvent himself on basic cable, Conan offered up a standard-issue late-night show. He kept his post-‘Tonight Show’ beard, and he has a fancy new (and very blue) set. But despite the nervous energy of the host, much of ‘Conan’ felt very predictable. There was little of the surreal, weird or goofy humor that so endeared Conan to his loyal audience. It wasn’t that Conan put on a bad or unprofessional show, just a very conventional one. The least successful part of the evening was Conan’s old weak spot — the interviews with actors. Seth Rogen seemed game enough, but with both Rogen and ‘Glee’ star Lea Michele, Conan appeared to be trying to set some kind of speed record for interviewing celebrities. There were too many manic interjections, too much nervous velocity. Conan, Red Bull is not your friend…. I did like the Jack White song…

Anyways it ended – the TBS storm troopers gathered up all the remaining chips and refreshments and as quickly as they had come, they left. Now here I am trying to put my front door back on its hinges at 1 in the morning….

Bloody Hell… Have a Great Day.