Yet Another Good Reason I Don’t Own a Gun…

Sometimes, things elude me, such as the following;

This story has been gaining some traction and I expect it will only get bigger – Last week, a two-year-old girl wandering in a street market in China, was hit by a van. The driver stopped for a moment and continued on, rolling over the girl again with the van’s rear wheels. Over the course of the next seven minutes, as she lay in the street bleeding, 17 passerby walked over and around her — one truck ran over her again — without helping.

There’s surveillance video of the accident and aftermath, you can find online pretty easily – if you want to ruin your week. Eventually a trash collector stopped to look after the girl and call an ambulance. While some reports indicated that she had died of her injuries, the Guardian says she is “brain dead…and could die at any time.” Why would a bicyclist ride past a dying two-year-old lying in the street, glance at her, and carry on? Why would both a woman holding hands with her own child walk past a bleeding little girl without stopping?

These are the things I am unable to understand about the world… and the people who inhabit it.

I’ve seen a lot of really nasty stuff online, but this video, actually turned my stomach – the way she throws her hands up at the last second when the van is milliseconds from hitting her, so sad. Then as she lays there barely moving, all those people pass her, looking right at her and they keep going, then another truck comes along and runs over her again.

Having daughters I’m sure doesn’t help although I don’t think you really need to have your own children to be shaken and horrified by the incident.

Apparently the driver of the first truck who hit the girl called the father – because damn near all of China is up in arms over this guy wanting him beyond dead – rather than turning himself in or at the very least apologizing – he offered to send the father a few dollars.

So if you want to see it, you can – I’m not going to post a link to the video, but like I said earlier you can find it quit easily by searching google. You won’t like it.

It sure can make you consider the possibility of traveling the world as a vengeful vigilante and hurting some people, with extreme prejudice.

Have a Great Day.