Job Posting & Guaranteed Sexual Harassment Suits

As hard as it may be to believe, occasionally  – I have nothing to say. Ha HA just kidding, I always have something to say, what I meant was – sometimes I’m too lazy to actually go ahead and write it down. There that’s more like it, and the truth shall set you free. So here’s the gig, I’m looking for someone to follow me around all day jotting down my bon mots.

You should be female, look ridiculously good in a schoolgirl, nurse, stewardess or stern librarian outfit. You should also be resistant to carpel tunnel syndrome because my god will you be writing bon mots like there is no tomorrow.

Everyone knows ‘Bon Mot’ is a Viking saying, dating back to the mid 1980’s which means, literally – “under or within the comfort of shoulder pads” in casual conversation, and Viking sub-culture – it’s come to be used for any instance of clothing being adorned with foam or padding. It originated on the well-known Viking program ‘Miami Vice’.

Wait, bon mot doesn’t mean what I thought it meant. At all. Ok you won’t be jotting down my bon mots, but ummm, well…. let’s see — Oh I know, quips… plenty of quips, jargon, there will be occasional jargon.

Undoubtedly, there will be repartee, we may get into retorts and riposte. So you’d best be ready for anything.

Send me you best photo and then once I’ve seen those I’ll look at your resumes. Thanks everyone and good luck.

Have a Great Day