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Crapping Rainbows & Sunshine

I fully realize the sweet pigeon of luck and fortune is not likely to swoop in, and crap rainbows and sunshine all over my shoulders – so whether I feel like it or… Continue reading

Waiting for your Fontanelle to Harden…

When I was 5 Years Old, my Mom told me Happiness was the KEY to life… When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up…… Continue reading

Finding the Perfect Ball Gag!

I think I may have figured it all out. Why I’ve been having so much trouble, why I’ve been having such a hard time. I think it’s because I’ve been coming at this… Continue reading

A Steaming Pile of Happy

Are you happy, right now, right this minute? Would you say that right now, you are more or less happy than your norm? Would you say your norm is more or less norm… Continue reading