A Steaming Pile of Happy

Are you happy, right now, right this minute? Would you say that right now, you are more or less happy than your norm? Would you say your norm is more or less norm than other peoples norm? Would Norm say his norm is more norm or less norm than the norm? See what I’m doing there… I’m making with the fun, where none existed… Just one of the ways I try and make myself  bring the happy…. I’ve always found a great benefit in being a bit silly. Don’t be too quick to dismiss the power of silly as a frivolous pursuit…. It might just be what’s needed up in here. If you ask me, the whole world and each of us in it, are drowning in serious. I know I am. Not to say we aren’t all faced with deep water we need to navigate from time to time, and yes, sadly, sometimes people drown but you can’t let that keep you out of the pool. Fashion your own unique water wings….

Watch the news for 5 minutes to see just how deep the water you’re swimming in can be, doesn’t matter where – Local, National, International – it’s all the same… Misery. Financial Ruin. Heartache. Injustice. Destruction, Shenanigans. Could be a healthy dose of silly might be just what the doctor ordered. I’m not talking outrageous – Ace Ventura, talking with his butt cheeks – epic silly – but something frisky, unexpected, unusual….  spice your own stew, whatever works for you, but by all means let that smile loose…

That’s what kids do, statistically, children laugh 4 to 7 times more than adults each and every day, (not including adults who are insane, try to get those buggers to STOP laughing….) it’s a lesson worth learning.  Unhappiness is the natural outcome of fine-tuning one’s sensibilities to the awful truths about the world. So the older we get, the heavier all the minutiae of getting thru another day can be – gripping us tighter and tighter, one of the first things to be choked off is our ability to play, the simple joy derived from just being a goof. Naturally there are times when silly gets you a smartly tailored white jacket with arms that buckle behind your back, but barring those, take every opportunity to play and welcome the silly.

Whenever we have big gatherings birthday parties, holidays, BBQ’s eventually I’ll end up hanging out and playing with the children. (Do you have any idea what “good” kid shots go for on the internet)….. No, it’s not like that and until I’m formally charged noone can say otherwise. It’s also not for any psychobabble  bullcrap about how I can’t socialize or relate to adults, or how I’m awkward around adults – quite the opposite, I know how to “get on” with adults and very seldom find a group I can’t charm the pants off….  to be honest, in most cases they’re just boring. I don’t need to go on at length about how rotten the economy is, or the latest murder, or the positives and negatives of getting an Ipad – blah, blah, blah. It’s interesting for awhile, but then it gets repetitive and I’m not interested.

Give me, out back in the garden, bent down with a bunch of kids watching a bunch of ants swarm a worm, every time and just listen to the hilarious comments fly… Or watching them giddily laughing at a slinky crawling down the stairs, always good for some serious cracking up, even just sitting talking to the kids, one minute you’re on about music and cartoons, then next, you’re hearing about why dragons prefer jam to jelly on their toast – it’s awesome and unpredictable and often very very funny, if you take the time to listen – which in my opinion adults just don’t do enough of….. you’ll be rewarded manyfold – living vicariously through them, you can easily get jealous of the sheer wonder and delight you see washing across their face at something an adult may well consider an utter waste of time. Who is happier and more content than a delighted child? (again, besides the insane)

The paradox of happiness – once we become adults is that we want both freedom and justification or approval, but the freer we become the less we depend on the approval of others, and the more we want the approval of others the less free we become. Sometimes it may seem impossible to achieve happiness because “happiness” as we usually mean it, is a feeling.  And we all know that feelings can be incredibly fickle. Think back to the last time you laughed hard enough to physically hurt, stitch in your side, your stomach convulsing, unable to draw in enough breath, tears in your eyes…. it’s sounds horrible – but it’s fantastic, and in most cases completely free. Just because happiness can be elusive and we’re admonished to not chase it –  doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make ourselves available when it drops by…. or by being a bit silly, opening up our receptors to accept the happy when it comes our way. Without giving a flying flip about who is watching us….. Stick that in your pipe thoreau….

Have a GREAT Day…..