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Black Lung & Tab… Memories of my Childhood

My hometown, Hamilton…. Steeltown – although I will always carry the fond memories only childhood can create – I remember it being significantly more grimy than Vancouver. Thousands upon thousands of hard-working men… Continue reading

Murder, Death, Kill & Babies

All kids act up at times, especially if their basic needs have not been met. Like adults, kids need to be well-rested, well-fed and have a balance of structured and unstructured activity in… Continue reading

A Steaming Pile of Happy

Are you happy, right now, right this minute? Would you say that right now, you are more or less happy than your norm? Would you say your norm is more or less norm… Continue reading

Child Abuse & Animal Love

I feel a rant coming on….. Where do our parents get off dressing us as such little freaks when we are too young to know any better and even if we did we… Continue reading