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Sea Level, Summer Sweators & Tibias

You know, one of the things that I most fear as a result of all this medical drama is the “resetting” of my physical sea level. Allow me to explain. I’ve never been… Continue reading

Arrested Respiration & Prison Stabbings

Well thank goodness, I’ll admit I was getting a bit nervous – it had been a couple of days without any sort of medical meltdown and we certainly can’t have that… So imagine… Continue reading

Health Care & Unicorns…

Guess which one is proving easier for me to get a firm grip on? Distinctly bad mood up in here today – you’re forgiven if you skip today’s post and resume reading tomorrow…..… Continue reading

Health, Halloween, & Hair

Over the course of a lifetime, when you pause to smell the roses – take a moment to not only reflect on what surrounds you but also what you personally have accomplished – … Continue reading