Health, Halloween, & Hair

Over the course of a lifetime, when you pause to smell the roses – take a moment to not only reflect on what surrounds you but also what you personally have accomplished –  and what you’ve yet to accomplish. I’ve been doing that, some memories made me proud – others, not so much…. but it’s all part of what makes me what I am… There are plenty of things I’d still like to be able to add to my completed column before the final curtain falls…   somewhere let it be written that…. ” for a period of time, he rocked an exceptional mustache”….. to this point I have never styled any facial hair, since the time I could shave… I did…. never going more than a couple of days between shaves…. not sure why, not for any particular or specific reason… just never done it…… but right now… at least around here, everyone seems to be rocking facial hair, beards or burns and/or a moustache….  actors, bands, athletes, guys on the street – hairy…. so here are some possibilities…..

Back when I was in school  – one year, we had a Halloween dance, costumes were mandatory and being of a certain age and supremely cool, no way were any of us magnificent bastards going to debase ourselves by dressing up….. costumes & Halloween weren’t nearly as big a deal as it is now and so dressing up just wasn’t cool…… I wasn’t alone… 8 other guys I hung out with including my roomate, the original “McDreamy” all bought fake moustaches, wore jeans and went as 9 Magnum P.I.’s –

That night, amongst the laughs at seeing us all together, I kept getting double takes & ended up receiving quite a few compliments… enough that I filed them away to be dredged up at some later date – could this be it.. is the time right.. is now the time to finally let bloom the hair on my face into it’s glorious and natural state as a beacon of masculinity?

Not sure, no final decisions yet – but it would be nice to not have to shave every day. I’ll keep you posted.

Tomorrow AM is my surgical neurologist appointment, so hopefully I’ll have some information about how next to proceed, either I’m a candidate for another surgery or not…… at this point I’m very much wanting the surgery, because removing the “problem” is the quickest route to being done with this whole portion of the mess. Yes, it’s the most significant surgery to date, full open chest surgery – with a 6 to 8 week recovery… but if it works…. I’m willing to go for it. Once the Gravis is eradicated, we’re free to finalize the heart issues and maybe, guardedly, hopefully I can move past all this and start getting back to setting the world on fire…. with a killer mustache or without……

Apologize for todays weak post, Anxiety level is high…… tonight… mind is other places…. tomorrow will go a long way to helping me push past this current state of incessant, frustrating, limbo hell I’ve been stuck in for so long…..

Have a Great Day.