My Intentions are Pure…..

At least for now, on the off chance that these posts become so utterly enthralling and something you, dear reader, NEED… well then I’ll consider charging huge coin for the right to consume my creative crack… dig the alliteration?

Right off the top the vast majority of you know me well enough to understand that a good portion of what gets written here should be taken with a grain of salt. I’m confident most of you will know when I am being serious and when I have stretched/embellished the truth. This is done for 2 reasons 1. To protect the innocent. 2. Entertainment. What other reason is there?

Y’all have been fantastic and your well wishes have been both supportive and disturbing, whomever keeps sending me funereal home brochures – cut it out….

The purpose here is two-fold; sending out so many individual mails informing people of the latest curves in the road doesn’t seem to be working, I’m falling terribly behind and some of you deserve to be better informed. I feel bad, like I’m shirking my responsibility not letting everyone know what’s going as soon as possible. Not due to any comments or pressure from anyone, it’s  just how I feel. The second reason is personal, it’s an information dump, a place to vent – rather than on those close to me, who I’m sure are getting pretty fed up with the virtual medical encyclopedia of things I have going on…

So there you have it – Welcome, you are free to read as you please or not… pass along to anyone or not – don’t ever feel the need to comment or offer some encouragement – totally not necessary, of course any and all comments are welcomed but the purpose is to inform, entertain and empty my thoughts.

So happy Sunday to everyone and I’ll try and post at least once a day.