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Paranormal Activity & Tasering Children

What’s all the hub bub about the paranormal lately? I can’t have the TV on for more than 11 seconds without someone, something or some place, being haunted, terrorized or unexplainably spooked. Let… Continue reading

It’s probably some kind of Primitive Candid Camera…

Just where they hell do these Mayans get off predicting the end of the world in December? Who died and made them the amazing Kreskin? Their own civilization vanished 1500 years ago and… Continue reading

Pigeons, Slabs of Ham & Character Flaws

Well, it’s been 14 days since my last post – you know the one right after I vowed to write a post every single day of 2012. Allow me to explain – personally,… Continue reading

Hey Man, You’re a Real Bummer

Hello Sexy Beasts! Yes you… For a number of years I’ve been fighting against my situation, fighting to stay positive, fighting to stay in the game. It’s been hard.┬áThe stress has been off… Continue reading

Maverick Move Makes Mountain out of Molehill…

Variety is the Spice of Life, we must all grow and advance in order to survive and continue to move towards being the very best we can be in each and every situation.… Continue reading

What if the Danger is Already in the House?

What kind of MONSTER would even dream about punching a tiny, defenseless kitten in the face? Well, you’re in luck, because I’m going to tell you exactly what kind of person would punch… Continue reading

Ok now this, Right Here – Is messed UP!

So here is todays story of wonder and amusement. These last few posts I’ve been discussing the injustice, the triumphs and tragedies of life. Specifically my railing at the powers that be for… Continue reading

Behold, It is 3 Days Later and I have Risen…

I would like to thank two people for helping me navigate the choppy seas as of late, But soft, what light through yonder window breaks…. The first is Shakespeare… and.. It’s ’bout as… Continue reading

Yep, I would have Killed him, without hesitation…

So, you may have already seen this quiz before – it`s been bouncing around emails for years but it fits in quite nicely with one of my New Years resolutions. I figured this… Continue reading

Tight Pants, Octopus & Living your Dreams

Well, I told you we were going to see True Grit, we did…. and, hey mikey, she liked it. Now really there could be no stronger endorsement than that – Me, I was… Continue reading