Ok now this, Right Here – Is messed UP!

So here is todays story of wonder and amusement. These last few posts I’ve been discussing the injustice, the triumphs and tragedies of life. Specifically my railing at the powers that be for seeing fit to snatch away the confidence I had invested in my recovery. Waaaaa, I’m such a big baby. I fully realize there are millions of people worse off than me, far worse… but here’s the thing – none of them ARE me.

The sooner we all get on the same page and start asking ourselves in each and every situation “how does this impact Chris” – well then really, I think we’ll all be that much better off. The real tragedy here is that, none of you have any idea of how much better life would be for each and every one of you if I ran absolutely everything.

It could work, people are desperate for someone to follow, you must have heard of “WWJD” – or What Would Jesus Do, I’m not sure what part of Mexico this Jesus comes from or why so many people feel compelled to wonder what he would do but – there it is…

Anyways, a number of people sent me in some pretty horrific stories about misery and misfortune from around the world in some terribly depressing and horribly misguided attempt to cheer me up. Seriously guys, normally I don’t care much for my fellow-man but these stories are hard-core sad. At one point I very nearly felt something, but it turned out to be last nights gumbo percolating.

Anyways yes I am doing my best to pull out of this whole woe is me attitude and so far, it’s not too bad, I predict that in the next few days I will be able to hoist myself up at least to sea level…. you understand that is provided I win the 40 million lottery, and soon – if not all bets are off and I will be forced to sell the children’s organs to Saudi businessmen….

Enough of this chatter – onto the worldly misery and the subject I referred to in the title and again, I find myself in the all too familiar position of WARNING you – this is pretty graphic. So if you are weak of constitution stop reading now…. Ok tough guy, but I warned you….


Here is what I know about this kitty (un-blurred photograph, scroll down, some will find it disturbing – I did):

This kitty was in an accident when he was 4 wks (2005), he became disfigured. He had a furry will to survive & he is completely healed. He requires medication during the day to keep his eyes moist. He will always look “different” but he is in NO PAIN! (Says them)

He has seen 10 vets and they can all attest to that! He is a happy kitty and hopes to help other humans feel just as great about themselves and realize that not everyone looks perfect and that is OK.

Alright here is the un-blurred photo…. last chance to walk away. What is seen can not be unseen…..





I warned you.

This world is one crazy place.

Have a Great Day.