Maverick Move Makes Mountain out of Molehill…

Variety is the Spice of Life, we must all grow and advance in order to survive and continue to move towards being the very best we can be in each and every situation.

To that end – I’ve changed the design of the blog, it’s been that green circle thing for ages and ages and I was starting to see it in my sleep amongst the various other monsters and horrors that populate my life.

Most of us intensely dislike change – but pruning a tree of its dead branches helps new ones to grow… and so I think, in a way, I’m providing a service to all of you. I’m helping to stave off the inevitable Alzheimer’s we are all hurtling towards.

How? Well studies show that increased brain activity helps to ward off or at least delay the onset.

Clearly the majority of my regular readers, have advanced Alzheimer’s – there’s no other way to explain all of you coming back day after day, one can only assume – it’s because your swiss cheese brain has lost the ability to remember what crap this blog is…


So I will be playing around for a couple of days making some changes trying to get it just right and causing you all the minimum amount of grief and frustration at having to decipher the new format BUT I have every confidence in you, because after all… you are, each and every one of you, the wind beneath my wings.

I Hope your Thanksgiving was swell and no one got stabbed this year.

Feedback, on the new design is always appreciated, as long as you keep it to yourself.

Have a Great Day