Telethon Time?

Myasthenia gravis is a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease characterized by varying degrees of weakness of the skeletal muscles of the body. The name myasthenia gravis, literally means “grave muscle weakness.”  MG is caused by a defect in the transmission of nerve impulses to muscles. It occurs when normal communication between the nerve and muscle is interrupted  – the place where nerve cells connect with the muscles they control.

Symptoms, include a drooping of one or both eyelids, blurred or double vision due to weakness of the muscles that control eye movements, unstable walking, weakness in arms, hands, fingers, legs, and neck, difficulty swallowing and shortness of breath, and impaired speech. It’s funny, thinking back, many of these very symptoms I encountered all during my 20’s – yes, interestingly they all seemed to be quite pronounced after my 4th or 5th tequila shot…..followed by beer chasers….. but I digress – now I get lots of these symptoms without the benefit of being drunk – no, it doesn’t look anything like I’m drunk…. I just look goofy, my girls think it’s hilarious to make fun of me when it strikes, sweet little things they are….in a sort of Grimm’s Fairy Tale way…

So I’m considering putting on my own telethon, I could be a REAL Gerry’s Kid…… get it, my dad’s name is Gerry, he also is loved in France, just like Jerry Lewis, so I’m taking applications for the big show – if any of you have a talent or something you think people might donate money for, let me know and I’ll book a Holiday Inn and we can get this telethon rolling. I would not be using the money for medical expenses, mostly a bigger TV, maybe a boat, plus lots and lots of tattoo’s for me and the kids…… won’t you please give……….operators are standing by!

Have a Great Day!

Jerry "works" the room as only he can.