I’m more than Just Eye Candy

You know what they don’t tell you about CT Scans. Before they start and you get the IV, they actually say to you Ok so when we start the drip you’re going to feel like you’ve peed yourself. Really?! AND it Does – you really feel like you just peed yourself and even though they just bloody well told you – it’s still a surprise…. They also don’t tell you 1. how loud it is and 2. how much you’re treated like grade A alberta beef, take a number, sit down, move over, roll over, lay down, shift over, bend over, but what was super weird was when I was at my most vulnerable –  the tech, went into her purse and pulled out a camera and started taking pictures… odd right? Then from somewhere, she turned on a wind machine and my hair & gown were flapping majestically in the wind, lit only by the glow of the barium IV bags…. and for a brief moment I was back in Milan, modeling……..

You can't really see the Cheetos dust all over my chest....

Those were good times…. they hardest part I think was deciding not to be gay anymore….. because seriously you do not look this good and waste it on women….

But I digress. The scan went fine and we’ll know if there is a tumor or not in a few days, if there is and they have already said that I should fully expect a positive result because it is the major cause of the Gravis, they have already lined me up with a surgeon, who will perform the thyectomy, this is a badass procedure, full on open chest, sawing through your breast-bone, cracking ribs the whole meal deal. 6 – 8 week recovery, thus far my heart operations have been as minimally invasive as they could be, but this kicks it up a notch. On the plus side, I’ll have a new location to smuggle heroin across the border to Mexico… so how’s that for finding the silver lining….

Ok well that’s today’s post… Mom and sister & kids will be here in a few hours – let the games begin.

Have a great day.