Doctor, I Smell Burning Toast!

Oh my bad, I actually just burned toast – jeez I sure am jumpy these days. Every little bump makes my mind whiz off to the latest and most elaborate exotic disease imaginable, which I’m certain I have, lets see in the last few days I was utterly convinced I had, in no particular order, cancer of the uterus, a yeast infection, scurvy, ebola, malaria, flesh eating disease, anthrax poisoning and adult onset – gingivitis plus, in a related way, hand in mouth disease – very rare – see the picture of my mouth…… It isn’t easy being me.

Cutting these tiny Nails has been a bitch.....

Alright perhaps I have slightly exaggerated my fears BUT never having been sick before – you just never consider your health. It’s like, if you’ve ever hurt your pinky finger or toe, who ever takes the time to consider either of those digits – there just isn’t enough time in the day to properly appreciate their value. UNTIL you hurt one of them and then bloody hell they are all you can think about….. same thing – all this nonsense I’m going thru has made me exceptionally  in tune with my body – not in a biblical way mind you – but just every time something beats oddly or skips or doubles, every little out of the ordinary occurrence sends you into medical def-con 4. Luckily most of these turn out to be false alarms and then you feel like a jack-ass. Then you tumble into a mortality mired memory morass (that really doesn’t work as alliteration – I know this BUT todays post is brought to you by the letter M and the Number 4) where you fondly recall being able to bend over and not having to take a nap afterwards.

Still awaiting my CT Results. Also waiting on my Cardiologist for the most recent follow up results. Anybody see a 24 year old body, good hair, clear eyes, white teeth, 6-pack for a reasonable price the next time they are in Costco, let me know cause I’m interested…..

Have A Great Day