Land of the Lost!

You know what sounds really cool, like most peoples’ dream come true, not having to work. Not having to get up every morning and join the fray. Completely removing the day to day pressures of to-do lists, task unresolved, upcoming projects the whole she-bang.

Well it isn’t as fantastic as you might imagine or at least I’m not enjoying it all that much. If anything, it’s a constant reminder that the temple that is my body is in need of repair…. we’re slowly plugging holes and recaulking the bathroom in the temple but (Oh hang on before I proceed I just want to use the word grout, you hardly ever get to say grout and it kind of fits with that whole bathroom caulk comment, so ummm…… grout…) everything is just taking it’s own sweet time.

Apparently the entire BC Health Care system and all it’s resources and employees do not exist solely to cater to me and my situation. I know, shocking right.

Ok, Alright I'll admit it, this is the real reason I'm sick, crazy hot nurses.....

Ok well perhaps I’ve once again fallen victim to the exaggeration bug. Sadly all the nurse do not look like Michiko here…. maybe not on the outside, but to me, they sure do, every single nurse that has been in contact with me during all this has been nothing, nothing but fantastic. Even the ones with hairy moles and bad teeth are absolutely beautiful.

Everyone has heard stories about some nurse or doctor treating a patient horribly or some horrific health care experience. Knock wood, not me – the doctors, particularly in the ER, just breeze in for 2 or 3 minutes – it’s the nurses who do all the heavy lifting and like I said they have been marvelous. I have probbaly been in contact with at least 40 or 50 over the past couple of years. Admittedly Cardic patients jump the queue, so I have always been fast-tracked whenever I go to ER, so I haven’t had to do much waiting so your experience may differ from mine.

You go in, at what is a critical point in your life, you’re nervous, scared, and in distress and it’s the nurses that help you through…. Believe me, getting cardioverted (them yelling clear, then shocking you – stopping your heart and the restarting it) is something you just don’t want to be involved with…. been through that 4 times now and it was the nurses that kept me from cracking under a massively stressful situation, every time. Bless them, with no ironic overtones or sarcasm, absol- freaking- lutley bless them.

Now if we can just find a way to make them all look as stupid hot as Michiko above, we are golden…..

Have a GREAT Day.