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Letting the Chips Fall….

I said I’d fill you in on what happened at the Heart Centre. Well, again not too much to tell. Much like my primary cardiologist, they are all taking a wait and see… Continue reading

St Paul, Jerry Seinfeld & My Heart

Cripes you must be getting tired of hearing about my heart… I know I’m tired of talking about it. I had an appointment today at the Heart Centre. Located at St. Paul’s Hospital… Continue reading

Jabba the Nurse

Well it looks like I may have spoken too soon regarding our favorable weather… it is hot. I mean Pizza Pop right from the microwave, molten cheese on the roof of your mouth… Continue reading

Me, Lizzie Borden & My Cardiologist

Seem to have worked out a compromise with God and really, from what I’ve heard, 1000 years in purgatory will just fly-by…. Speaking of Purgatory, I managed to see my primary cardiologist today.… Continue reading

Illegally Parked Cement Trucks

Hi… It’s sunday, in the summer… I still feel incredibly cruddy and I’m sure you can use the few minutes you normally graciously devote to reading my ramblings in a constructive way. I’ll… Continue reading

Pear Trees & Stress Sandwiches

There was a man who had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn not to judge things too quickly. So he sent them each on a quest, in turn, to go and… Continue reading

Pressure…. What Pressure?

Back in Fib, most of today… it’s now approaching midnight, started about 11am… there is no way I can do a month of this…. Have a Great Day…

My NASCAR Surgical Team

Well…. apparently….. I’m tougher than an old boot… both me and Harry Potter are “the boy who lived” All my “bad feelings” and the nervousness I was having as a result of having… Continue reading

My Blood, there’s a reason it’s on the Inside…

I gave blood today. I don’t mean I donated it, who’d want it? I mean, in the morning I had to go to the clinic and have blood drawn for tests. Very nearly… Continue reading

Doctor, I Smell Burning Toast!

Oh my bad, I actually just burned toast – jeez I sure am jumpy these days. Every little bump makes my mind whiz off to the latest and most elaborate exotic disease imaginable,… Continue reading