Letting the Chips Fall….

I said I’d fill you in on what happened at the Heart Centre. Well, again not too much to tell. Much like my primary cardiologist, they are all taking a wait and see approach. They are content to just sit back and let the chips fall where they may….

You know, I understand they are reluctant to make and major adjustments or changes to my post-op care. However it is all very well and good for them to say well, lets just sit back and see what happens – then we part company and they go about their business frolicking in happy valley, rainbow sunshine doctor-land, while I spend hour upon hour sitting or laying down trying to breathe, developing stress ulcers the size of  Greenland…. Yes the scars on my heart are still healing and settling down, so a certain amount of “activity” is to be expected, but there has to be some kind of limit.

The one thing my primary cardiologist told me last week when I saw him, which I did not report to Y’all mostly because I didn’t want it to be true and partly because I wanted to check and get the opinion of the cardiac surgeon and heart centre…. During last weeks appointment one of the questions I asked was if I should be concerned heading into my major surgery in two weeks with all this fibrillation and arrhythmia…  Now he said No I wouldn’t worry about it…. un-huh Ok… BUT then he said, and here comes the sucky part, don’t be surprised if the surgeon and/or the anesthesiologist pull the plug on the morning of the operation. Having your heart do it’s crazy flip-flops heading into surgery makes  most surgeons nervous.

That would be a disaster, to get that far and then have the whole thing called off, to be rescheduled for who knows when… Oh it makes my head hurt just thinking about it….That little nugget has been really burrowing into my subconscious and making itself at home… So I wanted some corroboration – So I asked, and basically, they confirmed it. Heart stuff makes surgeons nervous… really there isn’t a thing I can do about it so we`ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully everything calms down enough to proceed.

Keep your fingers crossed…..

Have a Great Day.