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I Live….

Home from the hospital, super sore, super stiff, super painful…… because your lungs partially collapse, they are now slowly re-inflating and as that happens you cough, every time you fear your chest is… Continue reading

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night….. For Now

Hello Lovely People, This will be my last post for about 2 weeks, Im’a gonna go git myself admitted to the hos-pit-al tomorrow and then – Im’a git surgeried Wednesday morning, bright and… Continue reading

Letting the Chips Fall….

I said I’d fill you in on what happened at the Heart Centre. Well, again not too much to tell. Much like my primary cardiologist, they are all taking a wait and see… Continue reading

Heaven or Hell… Table for One Please….

I don’t expect you’d find it to be too much of a stretch to imagine that the thought of death has crossed my mind more than a few times over these past months.… Continue reading

My NASCAR Surgical Team

Well…. apparently….. I’m tougher than an old boot… both me and Harry Potter are “the boy who lived” All my “bad feelings” and the nervousness I was having as a result of having… Continue reading

A Doctor Here & A Doctor There…Here a Dr, There a Dr…..

I’ve got a bit of a dilemma and maybe you can help. Having read my blog, you’re pretty up-to-date….. I haven’t told you absolutely every tiny little bump and hiccup I have going… Continue reading

Lurking, there….right behind me…. Part 2

welcome back…. when we last left our hero….. These were the criteria and basis I used to arrive at my decision to have you crack my chest wide…. poke around, pull something out,… Continue reading

Lurking, there….right behind me….

Do you feel it…..  the uneasy, uncertainty – the nagging, overwhelming feeling something isn’t right – someone or something is behind you and closing fast. The creepy crawling awareness that heightens your senses… Continue reading

Cracking the Engine Block….

I had my second neurology visit with Neuro 1 (Team Moron) and I am extremely happy to report that they didn’t call me Mike once – they knew my name, they had the… Continue reading

Health Care & Unicorns…

Guess which one is proving easier for me to get a firm grip on? Distinctly bad mood up in here today – you’re forgiven if you skip today’s post and resume reading tomorrow…..… Continue reading