So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night….. For Now

Hello Lovely People,

This will be my last post for about 2 weeks, Im’a gonna go git myself admitted to the hos-pit-al tomorrow and then – Im’a git surgeried Wednesday morning, bright and shine early. Apparently, I’ll be asleep for most of it, so I’m afraid I won’t be a very valuable source of information afterwards, but rest assured I will have had plenty of time to make something up for you. As I mentioned many times before, much love and thanks goes out to everyone for their well wishes and words of encouragement…. however I notice, that still – none of you have volunteered to take my place…. it’s a bit selfish, but never mind, doesn’t matter – If you want something done right…….

Had my second Plasmapheresis today, went into the Hospital, requested to speak with the Hematologist before proceeding (I believe that may have been almost the last “ologist” I haven’t seen yet – although a gynecologist has yet to examine me, maybe I should try and squeeze that in, I’m sure given the nature and number of my rare conditions, they would find I have an ectopic pregnancy or something) The Hematologist was very nice, sat with me while I related my up and down weekend adventure, and then sat staring at me looking perplexed, Holy Jumpin Jesus on a Stick – I’ve seen that look before, the – “how strange & interesting, these symptoms have never come up before, what kind of freak are you” – look. Anyways, she went and tried to explain exactly what was happening and where the problems usually arose from, and how difficult it would be to attribute my symptoms, the hypothermia specifically, to the Plex…. So I found myself once again, with no answers and a shrug the shoulders diagnosis…. She deemed it more beneficial to go ahead and do the second Plex and see what happens… Ok, well Doctor – having fun playing roulette with my health… I realize most likely she wasn’t placing me in any Jeopardy but “What is pissed off & frustrated patients, Alex”.

Yes, that was a lame Jeopardy joke, cut me some slack I’m battling some significant nerves.

Onward we went, again with the fire hose and harpoon, locked in, they said they’d give me some more fluids beforehand and slow the process down and see if that doesn’t help me. Well, I was fine during the procedure last time, it was only the next day I had issues. All was going well until about 3/4’s of the way into the treatment when my arm started quivering.. but from the inside… it felt so strange and you could see the vibrations. Called the nurse over and she said pretty matter of factly “oh yea, that happens sometimes, your vein is collapsing and that is causing spasms”…. Oh, ha ha ha, aren’t I a silly little hen – running around calling out how the sky is falling, when tis but nothing to fret over. It was fortuitous, because just the other day I was commenting on how goddamn mad I was at all these big wide-open veins I had running throughout my body and what I wouldn’t give to have a few of them close up and quite working… well I’ll be damned if my prayers weren’t answered then and there…. amen… They gave me a hit of some medicine, then some contraption that went on my hand and pumped the vein back up and allowed the blood back into my arm. We shall overcome. and we did….. finished up, then my primary nurse and 6 orderlies helped pull the harpoon free of my arm and I got bandaged and sent on my way.

After all my treatments, and I’m not sure when this started but I ended up getting hooked on Wendy’s Frostys… so we alway hit the drive-thru on the way home and get a frosty, even if I am wicked sick it comes home with us and goes into either, my belly or the freezer, where it will eventually end up in my belly. I don’t know what it is that hold me so enraptured, but I’ve developed a little obsession, that cool, malted beverage is so darned good… It has no expectations of me, I don’t feel the need to cater to its needs, sometimes we just sit and neither one of us has to say anything, it’s all just understood. Although, I can feel it – the frosty wants more, the cool brown, silky smooth texture just sitting there staring up at me, with that look, that – when can we finally define this relationship look, but so far, we’ve both been content to just let things progress in an organic, natural progression and see where it leads us… …….Ok well that was really a bunch more than I wanted to share with you, but we’re all friends here… and if I can’t be completely honest with you people, then who? Well yea, obviously the frosty, but who else?

When I got home, I called the doctor and confirmed the dates, times etc etc and yes all is still a big fat greek go, so I’ll check-in to the hospital tomorrow afternoon and I assume be given more information, about both the operation and other events around the campus, what time the spa opens, how much facials and pedicures cost, what time the pinochle and cribbage tournaments begin – you know stuff like that… Hey, Chris… this is reality calling, come back to us… OK what I do know is the operation takes about 5 or 6 hours depending on how it goes, then I’ll spend between 3-5 days in Intensive care and then I get moved to a room for another 2 – 4 days, so I could be home in as few as 5 or 6 days or as long as 10 or more if my dumb-ass body decided to not play-ball…. Once home I can expect about 6 to 8 weeks of really nasty times as my sternum and breast-bone heal, my drainage tubes and the actual incision and chest muscles mend not to mention the physiotherapy… So I honestly don’t know when I’ll be able to resume posting here, but I promise I will as soon as I’m able.

Right now that’s all I know, well that and I love Frosty’s and I’m getting pretty big league pro circuit nervous… not the amateur kind, real professional grade stuff.

Thank you again to all of you for listening me ramble and rant through all of this, I’m sure at times it got repetitive, my grousing and complaining but I tried to stay as positive and light as my mood allowed. I wish everyone the very best in their lives and to all their loved ones while I’m away.

Last but not least, a favour, I ask every one of you. If you know me personally and my family, if not that’s fine – but if you do….. If something should happen to me and things don’t work out as well as we hope they do or god forbid go as bad as bad can be – I know, I now, they won’t – but stuff happens and if it does, then I ask that you make sure every chance you get you tell my beautiful girls, that no one ever loved a child more than I loved them. I know they know this already, because I make sure I tell them everyday. But I want them to be sick of hearing it, I want them to know forever and always, that they, more – much more than anything else, mean the world to me and it’s not the going away that bothers me, it’s being away from them. You tell them, and then you tell them again and again and again. Sure, they will hear it from immediate family but if everyone tells them how proud I am of them and how big a part of my life they are, maybe it will help them cope and ensure my love remains connected to them, forever. Please and Thank You.

This is Chris signing off, until we can chat again and hopefully when we do, I’ll be well on the road to recovery…..

…I hate to go and leave this pretty sight
So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu
Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu