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The Odyssey & Wounded Wolves – Part 1

Now, forgive me the odd creative license in relating my story to you. I will stick to the facts to the best of my ability and not try to over-dramatize my experience…. My… Continue reading

I Live….

Home from the hospital, super sore, super stiff, super painful…… because your lungs partially collapse, they are now slowly re-inflating and as that happens you cough, every time you fear your chest is… Continue reading

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night….. For Now

Hello Lovely People, This will be my last post for about 2 weeks, Im’a gonna go git myself admitted to the hos-pit-al tomorrow and then – Im’a git surgeried Wednesday morning, bright and… Continue reading

Escorts, My Blood & Rabid Wolverines

I’m not sure what exactly I expected to happen, perhaps I thought I’d be a different person or something – I mean not really, but you think maybe just maybe removing all your… Continue reading

PULL IT… Pull the Reserve Chute!!!!

Yesterday, in my fog – I forgot to include the most important part. After spending all that time at the hospital, they couldn’t even convert me back to normal sinus rhythm,I ended up… Continue reading

War, Hell & Melon Helmuts

After a firefight, there is always the immense pleasure of aliveness. The trees are alive. The grass, the soil – everything. All around you things are purely living, and you among them, and… Continue reading