I Live….

Home from the hospital, super sore, super stiff, super painful…… because your lungs partially collapse, they are now slowly re-inflating and as that happens you cough, every time you fear your chest is going to explode open. I am encouraged to walk a little bit more everyday, start using my arms etc etc…. from my waist up, it feels like I’m on fire most of the day, shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, back…. I’ll stop the anatomy lesson now, I assume most of you know what the average person consists of above the waist.

Getting up and around is brutal, the after-care and package you get to take home is abysmal, trying to keep everything straight is tough, including huge number of new meds is almost beyond comprehension…. You’re dealing with incredible pain and basically we have to have our pharmacist degree to keep everything straight. Had to pick up all the new prescriptions upon release…. are you ready for this…. it’s going to be about $1400 a month…WTF?

Anyways I’m home… I’m feeling a bit better everyday and as I can sit up longer I’ll post more and tell you the whole story from top to bottom.

I’ve included a quick photo for you to get an idea of how it’s going…..




I’m quite happy with how the nipples are coming in, and obviously there is not nearly as much sagging going on…. I think you could almost call me perky again….

Have a Great Day….. I’m semi-back – not sure if I can post everyday but I’ll do what I can… even typing is really painful.