A Doctor Here & A Doctor There…Here a Dr, There a Dr…..

I’ve got a bit of a dilemma and maybe you can help. Having read my blog, you’re pretty up-to-date….. I haven’t told you absolutely every tiny little bump and hiccup I have going on – but you should have a pretty clear, broad strokes, picture of my situation.

You’re aware that I’m looking at 6 to 9 months (if all the stars and planets aline) before I can get all my surgeries and start hippity hopping down the wellness trail. Which puts us into spring 2011. Here’s where the quandry flies thru yonder window and lands squarely on my chest… My parents seem to have “contacts” within the medical profession in Ontario. My Mom called me Thursday to say that they were all working on some elaborate plan, rivaling the first 15 minutes of Saving Private Ryan,  in which I come back to Ontario to be cured of all my ills….  She assures me there is NO surgical waiting list and can be admitted and dealt with in a fraction of the time it would take if I stayed here, getting better in Lotusland.

Admittedly there are a plethora of logistics to be work out, not the least of which – seems to me I would need OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance) but I only have BC Insurance etc etc.  But if what they say is true I could get taken care of months ahead of what’s available here in BC. I’m apprehensive for other reasons as well. All my medical records and history are here in BC. The doctors I’ve been seeing for months and in some cases years – are here. I have history, I have relationships, my GP is amazing and has been a very strong advocate and sounding board for me. How do I balance going into a totally foreign medical atmosphere, albeit one in which things may happen quicker. BUT without the relationship and history, the personalization — I fear becoming nothing more than a number and while I assume all doctors are able to treat patients equally, I just can’t help thinking that there must be a certain amount of emotional investment when you are familiar with the person being treated. It’s only human to care more about someone we know.

It’s a scary proposition, I know it sounds funny, but there is a certain comfort in knowing all the intangibles – where to park, where to sit, what ER’s are busy and when… which places cardiovert first and which prefer meds…. my current doctors have seen all my trials and have experienced my complications… can the same information be gleamed from just reading my medical charts? Will all the new specialists in Ontario be able to understand all the nuances and particulars…

Sure, the Jackets are the same but what about the hearts beating within....

Maybe I’m being ridiculous and the decision is easy, doctors and health care practitioners are the same across the country and all of them are only interested in ensuring the best possible care for their patients…. in that case, the decision is a no brainer – go where I can get it done quicker. Unfortunately it’s just not that simple, my kids & the little woman are here and being away from them during the operations and recovery will be extremely difficult. Of course my family will be with me, it’s not like I’d be alone….but still….

I don’t know… if anyone has any thoughts I would surely appreciate your two cents….

Have a Great Day….