Illegally Parked Cement Trucks


It’s sunday, in the summer… I still feel incredibly cruddy and I’m sure you can use the few minutes you normally graciously devote to reading my ramblings in a constructive way. I’ll be brief, it’s hard to be cute or clever when there is a cement mixer parked on your chest…

I figured I’d be well on the way to healing up and could start preparing for the next operation, but no such luck. I need to find a way out of this place and soon… I can’t be this astoundingly low heading into a major operation in 2 weeks… I have no energy, no enthusiasm and no interest…. in anything… my heart consumes all thought and not in a poetic, artistic way…. it allows me to think of nothing else. What do I do now?

The question is rhetorical… there really is no answer, except ride it out… thinking positive ain’t cutting it… I’m not looking for sympathy or guidance – I’m just trying to download as much bile as I can and hopefully empty my overloaded cargo.

Have a great day.