It’s a Laugh Riot!

Not sure if it was transmitted across the country or not, because it was pulled from our TV News pretty quick, but yesterday morning the anti-olympic  protesters decided to go out, express themselves via rational discourse and peacefully making their case, helping to ensure people would completely understand their positioning and reasons for opposing the IOC and all it stands for. Oh wait…… nope, that’s what they should have done, they decided the best way to help others understand their deeply held convictions and realllllly win the public over to their way of thinking, was to start smashing windows all over the downtown core, then trash cars and mailboxes and newspaper boxes and anything else they could find. Fighting with Police, tourists and random people on the street….. chaos….

Police & protestors clash in the downtown core....

OMG, it’s working, I can feel the anti olympicism welling up within me, I think I’ll run down to the garage and smash my headlights that’ll show em’…… maybe I’ll follow that up by taking a swing at random people on the street until they see the error of their ways and start hating the Olympics as well. Damn, logic flaw that only means they’ll start hating me, not the Olympics and big corporate interests.

Yeah, we get it, noone likes big faceless corporations or their activities but seriously be clever, any chump can smash stuff, give me a reason and a cause to believe in, a reason to agree with you, some way I can be involved with changing things for the better – I’m not loading the kids into the car, heading down to join in the looting and maybe taking in a dose of tear-gas or a truncheon to the head with you. It changes nothing, turns people against you and your message. Which is a shame, because at it’s heart, your position is the right one. Less money SHOULD be spent on the Olympics and more on helping people, without question. However, watching you, dear protester, just makes me want see you repeatedly tazed………If you so passionately believe in the strength and virtue of your position, why the balaclava and hoody – why hide unless you are planning to do something dumb, destructive and devoid of meaning?

Ok, now that we've all had our Latte, let's do this......

This morning should be interesting as there are 5 groups who will all be down in the city centre this AM, The Olympic people, the anti-olympic people, the tens of thousands of people watching and participating in the Chinese New Year parade and hundreds more walking to remember the downtown eastside women who went missing via Willy Pickton. Take all the above, shake, put in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes, then add the last group – the Police, Army and hundreds of private security guards….. hmmmm good thing red is the colour of Valentines day because there is potential for it to be all Valentine-y like flowing all over downtown.

Let’s hope not.

Happy Blood free Valentines Day to Y’all

Have a Great Day.