Baby Seals & Overtime

Sometimes when I start these posts, I have no idea where I’m going…. I know big shock right….  but I don’t think I could, in good conscience still consider myself Canadian if we didn’t have a little chat about “the” big game. Of course I’m talking about Balderdash, it’s a lot of fun, the object is to…..  OK OK yes hockey….. Now, I consider myself perfectly able to turn a phrase and am seldom at a loss for words. Right now, I can’t think of a single thing to say.. we all watched it, we all swallowed our tongues when the US scored with seconds left… and OT….. I’ll just leave you to re-live on your own. It was Perfect and Spectacular.

With Glowing hearts......

Closing ceremonies gave me a low sharp prolonged pain in the spleen….. Giant beavers – nuff said….  william shatner 4.5…. michael J fox 6.7……. catherine O’hara 2.1……..avril 6.9… neil young…. 5.3…. alanis morissette 7.1…. then I blacked out for the third time in my life…  I was half expecting Lorne Greens’ bones to be carried in and given voice…. also where was the Littlest Hobo tribute and why was there no 45 minute musical tribute to the Beachcombers… featuring a gigantic floating Relic head – also, no Due South homage – for the finale, Peter Mansbridge & David Suzuki should have done an interpretive dance highlighting the seriousness of global warming!!!

I also think we could have asserted our sovereign nation status by thumbing our nose at the assembled world stage and released a few hundred baby seals onto the stadium floor, then having random athletes, via a lottery system, charge down and club them to death, getting to take the pelts home as a unique souvenir….

Poor little fella, unfairly kept from making an appearance in the closing ceremonies....

There is such a thing as a cheeky nod to Canadiana and poking some good natured fun at ourselves. Then there is the cringe-worthy mess they had at the closing ceremonies, really, all they seemed to do was take an everything and the kitchen sink list of Canadian stuff and simply have it show up….

That being said I think we did a great job, started off slowly, like our athletes – but picked up significant momentum, flags on buildings, hanging from windows, on cars… virtually a sea of red everywhere one looked, clothing, hats, scarves, shirts, jackets it was the most pro-Canadian I have ever seen Canadians. Massive street clogging crowds, all extremely good natured. It was a tremendous success… good for us….. hearty pat on the back to BC.

Have a Great Day.