Seductive Ice – Then & Now

James Vicary was the man credited with inventing subliminal messages. Supposedly, he ran subliminal messages that visitors to his movie theaters were exposed to during advertisements. According to his initial reports, these messages increased his concession sales by over 60%. However, in later years, Vicary admitted that he completely made up his study, and never actually used subliminal messages. This revelation came after dozens of scientific studies were published which proved that advertisement-related subliminal messages did not have an impact on a customer’s decision.

Despite his claims, to this day people insist that advertisers pepper their ads with subliminal messages trying to get the upper hand in having people buy their brand over another. I remember reading a book a few years back called subliminal seduction, it showed tons of pictures of, mostly alcohol ads, where he detailed murky ice cubes – in which he swore were endless naked bodies in all manner of biblical carousing….. bottoms up!   …. quite beside the point, but seems to me, after a few drinks everything starts looking sexy anyways…

At the time it created quite a stir – because before that, never ever ever, had sex been used to sell anything…ever, never ever, ever never – it was a totally foreign concept – so unheard of, in fact, I found it virtually impossible to find any old ads featuring sex….

Nawwww….. no sex to sell – saaaay, shoe polish or ties, for example… actually once you start looking nearly ever ad uses sex in some way – but start asking questions and suddenly everyone is from Bethlehem and holier than thou, but as with all things, eventually progress kicks it up a notch…. we get somewhat less subliminal, allowing for all but the most clueless schmuck to clearly see what’s going on….

NOPE still too subtle – and advertisers really wanted to coral that poor dumb schmuck who wasn’t hip to the gentle and veiled innuendo of the above ad, and so now we have……

Now i don’t now about you but the last thing on my mind after seeing the above ad is shopping…..

I leave you to decide for yourself if subliminal advertising makes any difference. For me – I’m not going to lie to you, on more than one occasion I spent a good amount of time whispering in Wendi’s ear, chris needs new golf clubs… clubs…… golf…… or my personal favourite, having more than one wife is the right thing to do…. more than one…. bigamy makes sense….. more than one….       I’m gonna tell you what……..IT DOESN’T FREAKIN WORK………

Have a Great Day.