Tylenol, Advil & Vodka… why am I so Sleepy?

The last couple of days have been exceptionally challenging, I’m still in and out of fever but overall temperature has been mostly lower, hovering around 100. So I am consoling myself with small victories and a lower temperature makes the grade. Headache is being managed with fistfuls of Tylenol and Advil, all washed down with chilled Absolut…

For the most part shakes, chills and sweats are subsiding, it seems (dare I tempt fate) like the worst is over. Praise Jesus. Still plenty of fibrillation and that is a complication I certainly don’t need but will deal with, as it’s become something of a old trusted friend. I am familiar with it and know what to expect and in that regard, while the symptoms can be distressing, it no longer holds any surprises for me.

I’m still very fatigued and exceptionally weary, so here is where I’ll wrap up for today. Please forgive these dry “news reports” for not being very high on the entertainment scale but I’m making lemonade with very old, medical grade lemons….

Have a Great Day.