Pain and Lego Dungeons

I wracked my brain and spent a heap o’time online – trying to figure out the most effective way to become a Masochist. It’s not as easy as you’d think. I mean sure, I could just walk around the house bashing my toes into large, heavy, furniture legs and slamming doors & drawers on my fingers – until I eventually come to enjoy the sensations – but somehow that seems to be less…. ummmm… in keeping with some unwritten S&M Code I imagine exists, deep within the Masochists union.

There is no Welcome Wagon visit, with pamphlets explaining how to make those first early leaps – learning to translate our fear and avoidance of pain and instead learning to embrace and enjoy pain as a festival of wonder and joy. Right now, at this admittedly early stage, I’m not entirely sure I can get there – pain hurts, I enjoy avoiding pain, pain, is no friend of mine. Trying to make him an ally is madness and yet consider the implications….. 70% of my grief goes away with the act of making pain my friend. Anticipating pain, encouraging the hurt – turns this whole situation into a self made pleasure cruise.


Lego makes everything more fun.....

My tongue is firmly planted in my cheek – I’m not really intending to seek pain – I’ve been down that road. Actually, if at all possible – I would really appreciate it packing up and moving on… I’m sure it has somewhere to go…. always

Have a Great Day