Karma and Claws

The concept of “karma” isn’t quite clicking for me this week.  Just a few days ago, a cashier at a grocery store gave me over 60 dollars of change when I handed her a twenty-dollar bill. This, of course, is my favorite kind of math and the only way to truly fix the economy, but after much internal struggling I decided to give the money back to the cashier in exchange for some good karma. In the heat of the moment at a grocery store, one’s conscience kick in.

When I gave the money back to the cashier, she smiled and thanked me, and I moved on with the six dollars of change I was supposed to have. Now, some would say that I already received an even exchange — I gave back 60 dollars and received a smile and a thank-you in return — but I know that karma is a better system than that. The “thank you” wasn’t the type of “Oh, you saved my job and my life” sort of thank-you that I was hoping for, and the smile did not reveal any teeth. Surely I was in store for some money coming back to me: one good deed would lead to something good in return. So I did what any logical person would do: I proceeded to the front counter and bought five lottery tickets. I already planned out my first purchase with my winnings: buy one of those big cubes with the giant claw that grabs stuffed animals. This would be a great use of my money, because it was what karma would have wanted for me. By having my own claw, I could practice and practice on my free time — so that when I went to amusement parks and carnivals, people would gather around me and say, “Gee, that guy sure has a way with that claw….. some kind of Claw maestro” and it would all be worth the hours spent mastering the claw…

Ok Karma…. it’s your move….

Have a great Day.