Dates.. they are a’changin’… and a side of Cult…

I finally got a call back from my Thoracic Surgeon today, I had called him last week, after learning of the Sept 3rd date during the Plex appointment. They suggested I call the surgeon to confirm. They told me the beds & hospital rooms were already booked and so as far as they were concerned, the dates were quite firm. Although, none of my doctors had called to inform me of this date.

So I called to confirm, but due to the Canada Day holiday, I guess they were busy and so took until today to call me back. Bloody good thing they did, because the secretary told me that yes I was confirmed for the surgery, September 1st. Say What!? BUT, BUT… I was told the 3rd and other plans have already been made. So she tells me that no, it is definitely scheduled for September 1st. So I spent the next goodly amount of time getting all the other appointments and procedures rearranged. So the revised dates are now August 27th Plex transfusion day 1, then I get saturday and sunday, the 28th & 29th off, then Monday the 30th it’s Plex day 2. Then – they next day, Tuesday August 31st I go into the hospital, stay overnight and first thing next morning it’s showtime….

It’s funny, a few short weeks ago the dates all seemed so impossibly far off and fluid, Now – not only are they much sooner but seem to be getting closer by the day. So good news, earlier begun is earlier ended… so let’s do it, let’s get this started, and God willing put it all behind me….


Rejoice Ye All, For Today a New Religion is Born

Speaking of God, I am proud to announce that the time has come to finally share with everyone my one true path…. it may not be your cup of tea, you may not subscribe to the teachings of the Temple, but all I ask is that you approach it with an open mind, and what you find may surprise and delight you, ultimately it may provide the vehicle by which you find eternal, blissful happiness & eventually salvation….

Who amongst you can look within your heart and state truthfully, that you are wholly and completely full of joyful contentment. That you want for nothing in your life, that your happiness and satisfaction are so complete as to make you a perfectly harmonious sentient being. Read the first post and the about page to familiarize yourself with our teachings and be privy to how a religious movement is started, from the ground up, the trials and tribulations – the wretched depths and the exalted highs, the goings-on of a religious movement begun….written by myself and Hriteek, my blind Nepalese, second in command. We will make you think, you will grow and perhaps help lift the fog so many people feel permeates their daily existence.

Find it here… Celestial Temple of the Elemental Tome – it’s a story and an experience you won’t soon forget…. tell your friends, we welcome all…

Have a Great Day.