People and the People who Judge them…

Sometimes people say that everyone is different and special. You may think that you are, but you  probably don’t think that everyone else is. In fact, there’s probably many people you think are below you on any number of levels.

You might be special, but the problem is it only matters if others think that you are; this even matters a great deal to you. An example of this is when you meet someone who thinks a terrible book or film is amazing and you think its garbage. What you see as trite cheese they see as a substantial life lesson. You can’t quite figure out the language or examples to convey them why you are so far advanced that you couldn’t possibly enjoy it the way they did, and even if you could explain this, it would be insulting to them.

Now the fact that someone who you consider to be below you mentally enjoys simple, shoddy films and books shouldn’t come as a suprise but it might be interesting to realize that they probably wouldn’t enjoy a fine book or film like you do. They might even hate it. What you see as masterful subtlety they see as vaguity, what you think is erudite they think is overpolished and pretensious, even if they can’t express that.

Someone may be far more educated than you but you’re more charming. They may be richer than you but they have bad taste in music and fashion and have small boobs. They may be more attractive but couldn’t put together an interesting sentence if their life depended on it. They see your weapons, you see theirs. You’ll enjoy others more once you realize the inequity of humans, but also the ultimate equality.


In this vein of celebrating differences, the cult site is very nearly ready to be rolled out. I shan’t make a big deal about it. I’ll mention it once or twice and it will have to stand on it’s own, find it’s voice. It will be an account of getting my cult off the ground, from its earliest stages, the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs. As an added bonus will be your salvation. It may not be your cup of tea, but I certainly don’t anticipate it being boring…. it’s not everyday you bear witness to a new religious movement being born…

Have a Great Day.