Weeping Incisions, with Peaches & Herb

Well, no such luck for the spontaneous remission of the MG…

It’s back and Peaches & Herb said it best;
Reunited, and it feels so good
Reunited, ’cause we understood
There’s one perfect fit
And, sugar, this one is it
We both are so excited
‘Cause we’re reunited
Hey, hey….

Yes, having the anesthetic or whatever it was, knock out the MG was perhaps grasping at straws, but, sometimes, miracles happen. Anyways It’s back good and strong so I’m thinking maybe it was just a coincidence and the MG had a previously scheduled engagement and took a few days off. Perhaps there was a small child who needed scaring or an elderly widower the MG needed to take down a notch… who knows, I’m sure it was something utterly sinister, doesn’t really matter – the task completed – it’s now back with me where it belongs. My dark passenger – to borrow a quote from Dexter…

I’ve been having quite a bunch of fibrillation, although it’s one of the expected and original consequences of the operation – plenty of  arrhythmia, I had gotten off relatively light with minimal issues after the two previous procedures. This time – different story, I’ve had some everyday – it’s quite an odd feeling when it hits. I’ve tried to explain it before, but I believe I’ve failed miserably…. lets leave it at, something to be added to the lengthy list of things you never want to experience, along with other common sense items such as; not being eaten by wolverines, never getting locked in a room with Courtney Love, never being tricked into eating testicles….you know, regular stuff.


Never to be consumed under any circumstances...

Anyways, incision is doing OK, no weeping or seepage – yes, disgusting I know. Just need to take it slow and easy, and prepare my temple for the coming barbarian assault.

Still not 100% but getting there…. and may I just add, normally you all look so good but today… just marvelous, tip top…. now go and…

….Have a Great Day.