Control… where’d it go?

The only thing in this life that we do have control over is ourselves. We can influence others in their decisions and give them ultimatums, which can leave them feeling like they have no choice. You may end up getting your own way, however, the person can end up resenting you for your strong armed tactics. Some people are very skilled at manipulating others to get their own way. I hate it when I think someone is trying to manipulate me.

What can you control? You can control your actions, your behaviour. You control what goes into your mouth. You control what comes out of your mouth. You have to work hard to control your mind, and remain in control of it. Why? Because there are already plenty of people in this world trying to control us and our thinking.

One thing I’ve learned about control… no matter how hard you try, occasionally, people are still going to eat their babies while camping.


Surprising alternative to the classic s'mores on those cozy summers at the lake.....

I think it’s pretty clear what we’ve learned today… control is an illusion…… and babies are an incredible source of protein.

Have a Great Day