Fevers, Ikea & Plastic Bubbles

Ok well, it looks like yesterday may have been an anomaly, today I woke up with a slight headache – a bit of a fever and slight nausea. As the morning wore on, I started feeling better, forced myself to go out for a walk and felt even better and the feeling held for the remainder of the day. As of right now, just before midnight, I still feel alright. I suppose since I’ve been concentrating and so in tune with every single blip in my health, I’m probably a bit more “twitchy” whenever something goes wrong. The Cyclosporine seems to be my major concern right now, because the list of possible side effects is EPIC and since we’re coming up on 1 month I am over the loading dose and any problems will be hitting me in the next little while. So the fever and Nausea were concerning.

The Cyclosporine, is an immunosuppressant and as such, as the name implies – it is suppressing my immune system. Meaning that I now have the joy and pleasure of being far far more receptive to every single bug that swings through town, not only am I more likely to get things but once I do get them, it will hit me harder and longer than you other “normal” people. So maybe that makes me not only the boy who lived but it could make me the boy who lived….in a plastic bubble.


Above, you can see the base molecular structure and chemical compound of the drug and obviously you can see where my concerns lie with this drug on a genetic level. Clearly, at 298K (25 °C), typical values for the Boltzmann factor are: 0.089 for ΔE = 500 cm−1 ; ΔE = 0.008 for 1000 cm−1 ; 7 10−4 for ΔE = 1500 cm−1. That is, if the excitation energy is 500 cm−1, then about 9 percent of the molecules are thermally excited at room temperature.

Cyclosporine was initially isolated from the fungus Tolypocladium inflatum – isolated from a soil sample obtained by scientists at Hardangervidda, Norway in 1969. Are you kidding me, after the last Ikea incident and the senseless loss of life – I swore off everything Scandanavian. Now they have me taking a Norwegian fungus….

Well played Norway, but this isn’t over yet…. not by a long shot……

Have a Great Day.