Science Proves… You CAN Compare Apples and Oranges!

Hi Everyone – Tonight I’m not feeling well at all, I’m OK, just sort of generally cruddy… not sure I could get my brain rolling. The last 3 nights I’ve only had about 3 hours sleep and I think it’s catching up with me…. Combination of the meds and sleeping in that throne of despair…. tomorrow will be 6 weeks of recovery, so it’s getting close to the time I can try sleeping in my bed…. if it works and I can lay down for a whole night, you may not hear from me for some time – as I plan on sleeping like the wind.



Now, onto the meat of todays info-tainment — Comparing the originally un-comparable fruits, Apples & Oranges, it’s always seemed so impossible – all these years, the greatest minds in science trying to figure out how to make the impossible, possible. Now, finally science has done it, they’ve cracked the code, turns out it was simple…

All you need is a spectrometer. I mean, geez. Was that so hard?

Materials and Methods
Both samples were prepared by gently desiccating them in a convection oven at low temperature over the course of several days. The dried samples were then mixed with potassium bromide and ground in a small ball-bearing mill for two minutes. One hundred milligrams of each of the resulting powders were then pressed into a circular pellet having a diameter of 1 cm and a thickness of approximately 1 mm. Spectra were taken at a resolution of 1 cm-1 using a Nicolet 740 FTIR spectrometer. Showing a comparison of the 4000-400 cm-1 (2.5-25 mm) infrared transmission spectra of a Granny Smith apple and a Sunkist Navel orange.

Not only was this comparison easy to make, but it is apparent from the figure that apples and oranges are very similar. Thus, it would appear that the comparing apples and oranges defense should no longer be considered valid. This is a somewhat startling revelation. It can be anticipated to have a dramatic effect on the strategies used in arguments and discussions in the future.

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