You’ve Got Dead Mail…

Short and sweet post today.

During my online escapades I found this Video which explains a – for the most part free – service. Basically what it does is work as a safe deposit box for all your online accounts in the event you should be so unfortunate as to shuffle off this mortal coil. In case you die.

If you, like me, find yourself trying to juggle just under – oh, about 1 zillion online passwords and access codes for Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIN and MySpace and Hi5 and Reddit and Emails and Banking and Bills and Professional Organizations and Gaming Sites and Torrent Sites….. it’s a lot to keep straight and God forbid someone should have to try and decipher the whole mess once you’re dead. It would be nearly impossible.

I think it’s a pretty good idea and got me to thinking, for example, what would happen if I had died during surgery. Granted, I suppose I wouldn’t be in much of a position to either care or do anything about it – BUT some of my readers would never know what happened. Of course those who know me personally would know but lots of you, my super awesome readers – don’t know me and so forevermore would left to wander the earth, using up all their remaining days trying to figure out what happened to me…..

Hey it’s my blog, my delusions of grandeur OK!

Anyways, this service would allow someone I designated to go ahead and have access to all my online accounts, inform Y’all what happened and where to send the massive flower arrangements… and of course what day would soon be designated a new Stat Holiday in my name… the only downside, what would happen if some russian teenager hacked the site…. they would have access to everyone’s personal accounts and you’d be at their mercy. Havoc would reign – Anarchy, Cats and Dogs living together, basically the worst parts of the bible being enacted on every street corner… it could happen…

It’s a sucky subject, but one we’ll all have to face someday…..

Have a Great Day.

PS – I am willing to accept your bank passwords and pin numbers, as a sort of extra secure depository to help ensure you financial well-being… just another free service I provide…