The Curse of Being Macho & Kittens

Whew, the keyboard still reeks of manliness, after yesterday’s ridiculously macho post.
How macho was it – well let’s put it this way, it was so macho, that I’m able to use the word macho with a straight face and it’s not even 1992!!!!!

But look here, this blog isn’t about outrageous manhood and the man who lives it, although it is that – but also, it’s a celebration of humanity, it’s an unexpected summer festival stumbled upon while walking through the park. A picnic in a mountaintop meadow. It’s a blessed Oasis amongst the vile, bitter existence we all struggle with daily – continually force feeding the human meat grinder we call life in modern society, the rendering abattoirs we call cities, huffing and puffing their pollution and spitting out humanity and empty souls with all the cavalier hatred of….. whoops, getting a little macho there….

Anyways let’s counteract some of the AXE body spray mania, I don’t know what it is, once I get started I can’t stop until the can is empty and I have a sudden urge to watch spike TV…I grow three inches, my voice drops a couple of octaves and all I can think of is gutting an Elk… odd.

Well that and robbing the virginity of the thousands upon thousands of super-models, obviously in heat, that seem to come out of the woodwork once you’ve sprayed AXE all over yourself – to the point of actually condemning those poor miserable bastards in your wake to deal with a level 4 biohazard. As I understand it – Chernobyl was actually an accidental AXE spill – everyone knows it’s distilled in the Soviet Union, made from the sweat of Bolshevik prisoners in darkened gulags and mothers tears…

So by way of antidote, watch this cute little kitten video – it’s short so – watch the whole thing or you’ll miss the surprise…. take care to say ahhhhhh at the appropriate time. Or if watching it runs the risk of aggravating your diabetes due to its over-sweetness, may I invite you to tottle on over to yesterdays bot fly removal video…. that should cure you of any residual sweetness.

If you can handle that, then let me know because I have some video doozies, stuff that will temporarily blind you whilst you involuntarily convulse – yes there is some mighty weird content to be found on the interweb….

Have a Great Day