Charity, Let thy name be Orphan

Well, I really am feeling much more like myself.

I’ve completely shaken off being shaken by the callous, predatory, barbarous  insolence of those who choose evil and exploitation over good – amongst the innocents genially going about their friendly and harmless business on the web only to be met by ruthless treachery.

As I was saying I’m feeling like myself, so much so that I am inclined to start a little charity work I haven’t been well enough to do for quite a while. A few years back I quietly started getting up very early on Sunday mornings, driving around some pretty dodgy areas and helping out homeless orphans I found on the cold mean streets, by giving them money.

I suppose you…. would call them hookers, but I don’t…. to me they are so much more…

And now, I must fasten my cloak and be away, for the night awaits – and I am known to the night, oh yes, I am known as “John”…



What are these poor school-aged orphan children to do, if not for the charitable souls who travel by night with nothing more in mind then helping them improve their station in life....


Be Well Readers, and wish me well, as the cool mist of night envelopes me, caresses my skin with the power of secrets and mystery, enraptures the very…. whatever I’ve got orphans to find…. later Y’all…..

Have a Great Day