How You Can Feel Better…Right NOW!

A few days ago I joked about what you all can get me for Christmas.Then I made with the har-dee-hars by going on about the elaborate gifts that were flooding my way…. but it wasn’t true – no one offered me a boat or car or trip.

I’ve been thinking, and well, there really is something you can get me…  I’ve been writing this post for almost a year now and what started off as a way to keep friends and family apprised of my health rollercoaster, has had a minor blooming – It started off with only about 10 people reading on a regular basis, well – I’ma mighty proud to say since early December I’ve been getting just over 200 reads a day. I’m not bragging or anything, I’m just really surprised that so many of you have so little to do you actually waste any of your day reading what spills out of my head.

What’s important is you do it, and for that – I am exceptionally grateful – it truly warms the cockles of my heart to know you are out there… apparently under something heavy or stricken with some physical deformity rendering you wholly incapable of using the mouse to find a blog or website more worthy of your time… may I suggest TMZ , Perez Hilton or anything to do with Jersey Shore…

Anyways – onto what you can get me for Christmas, here it is and believe me it’s the easiest gift you’ll ever give – just take one minute and send me a quick hello, telling me where you are from, that’s it. Out of my two hundred readers I only know about 20 of you for sure… the rest are a mystery and I am intensely curious. You don’t have to be funny or clever, unless you want to, just say Hi and where you are from… if you are so inclined, you can tell me how you found Sex Drugs & CT Scans… it would be very much appreciated as I’ve been pretty curious who Y’all are…. particularly since I haven’t ever done any promotion or search engine listing – how did you find me and why do you read?

I would be very happy to learn about who you all are, so please – won’t you give today – it’ll make you feel all warm & squishy inside…. see how easy that is… besides you’re sitting at work wasting time anyways, waiting on Christmas holidays, so this will give you something to do.

HELL YEAH! We read Sex, Drugs & CT Scans and that makes us COOL! Except you, that guy in the middle, in the brown, you aren't cool... it's called deodorant, use it! But the rest of you, super cool. Just not him, he has beady eyes and I don't care for the way his elbows indent.... and how pink his index fingers are.... not, cool.

Have a Great Day