Babies, I’ll tell you what they’re good for…

Greetings & Salutations to one and all….

It’s me, Rooster – just kidding. Ok look, tonight is going to be short and sweet – 1st day back at work tomorrow, 1st day in 13 months and 5 days to be exact. That is a mother-sweet-ass length of time. Anyways, I need to go thru my traditional good luck ritual, I have a few different ones but I think tonight – I’ll use the “bathing in the blood of the innocents” ritual – in anticipation, I’ve been hoarding babies for a couple of weeks. It is an unholy mess down in the basement right now….

Anyways it takes quite awhile to ensure they are purified and drained according to my strict code of ethics, so you can see why I don’t have time for a proper blog post tonight.

So wish me luck, and right now up in here, well tomorrow actually – I will have a whole crap-load of soothers I don’t need anymore, so if someone you know is in the market, drop me a line.


Sincere thanks to all of you who wished me luck going back…. I’ve been out of it so long, do offices still use telephones? Are there even physical computers and desks anymore or is everything virtual, what about jet-packs, are we using jet packs yet?…. I’m so confused maybe I….. Oops, gotta go – my bath is ready.

Have a Great Day