Why can’t I just be left alone to love my Tiger?

I want to talk to you about something that inspires me, that drives me, and that has inspired me. And that thing is Excellence. Because in spite of what you’ve heard, Excellence matters.

I want you to point your finger and thumb like it’s a gun. This will be your Excellence Gun. Point this at whatever it is you want to achieve and state the following, “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will. This gun is full of gumption and steel, and I will fill you with both if I don’t get results.” Now you can use an Excellence Hand Grenade, or an Excellence Flame Thrower. The weapon isn’t important, as long as the threat is credible.

We need to focus on results, and achieve the breakthroughs that will launch us into the realm of exactitude. But before we take this train down Business River, there are a few more tools we need to pack in our business bag. First, if you find yourself struggling to lead effectively, remember this acronym, P.A.W: Penetrate, Abbreviate, Wow…

Second, don’t add value, multiply value. Or attach an exponent. Math gives us options. Third, we need to move to where relationships reach, and develop our progress in ways that don’t just mold us, but behold us. And set fire to our bridges.

Do things!

Fourth, rise up in order to be higher, so that together we can fix up those blue noses, and give them a bit of red.

You’ve got to grab that baby carriage! Run with it! Because it’s not going to push itself. No, friends, babies need exercise. And calories. They need to be nurtured but they also need to be driven. Because babies cannot drive.

Remember that business isn’t everything. Play fetch with your dog. Watch a show about dogs. Write a book about Russia and how they treat dogs there. Pretend you’re a dog and take yourself for a walk. It’s up to you.

So in conclusion: excellence, business, business bag, results, wow, rise up, babies, spreadsheets, guns, math, options. Business Excellence.

I hope I have inspired you on to greatness with this mish-mash of useless, meaningless business jargonese…. guess what I’ve been reading…. funny, when you aren’t in business anymore – what you find yourself reading…

I called the cardiac surgeon yesterday and they said no dice, couldn’t get an appointment until the end of february, beginning of march – lots of people with wonky hearts I guess. Anyways I guess my cardiologist called and I’ve jumped the cue, I now have an appointment Feb 2nd – next week. Don’t know whether to be flattered or scared, I’ll probably end up doing both. Flattered because obviously they value me as a national treasure, scared because why did I move up, so fast, am I that bad?

Well, I guess we’ll find out next week. Why can’t I just be left alone to love my Tiger?


Have a Great Day