What Perfect Looks Like

I’m in need of a bit of light lifting for tonight’s post.

I’m tired, still can’t get the bloody smell off and am jazzed about Russel Brand on SNL…. please don’t be bad….

Anyways so here’s what I came up with…. I’m on the board of directors for a number of very important secret, government-run science collectives. Basically we decide which programs are worthy of spending your hard-earned tax dollars studying… for example – well, seeing how as they are secret – I can’t really tell you about any of them.

Here’s one I can tell you about. A number of international universities have been working on a nifty little piece of software that takes thousands of photos of women from different nationalities, makes a composite of all their features and presents the single most perfect representative of their looks. Basically showing the ideal, typical, perfect women from each nationality. Check out some of the results;




That’s pretty interesting right…

I bet you’re way more interested in this type of research rather than say… if we were to use the resources and brilliant young minds to cure.. oh I don’t know Cancer, or AIDS or any other of hundreds of diseases humanity is still plagued with… how about solutions to world hunger, systemic poverty, lack of clean drinking water, genocide….

Naw, you’re right – the women thing is much cooler…. who knew I would be so attracted to Uzbek women…..where the heck is uzbek even located – I think it’s one of the “stans”….

Have a Great Day