Like the Lambada, this too is Forbidden…

Appreciating the preciousness of human life, based on the understanding of one’s body constantly changing, ageing, moving toward death since birth and the uncertainty of life helps us appreciate life and prepare for death. It is natural for one’s body to decay especially when accelerated by disease processes. In the final stage when life-sustaining systems begin to shut down, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes may occur over weeks, days or hours. Each person’s experience is unique, but there are some general similarities.

I think when finally closes the curtain on life’s cruel play, we indeed will be shown the major events, the milestones and other important occurrences during our time on this crazy stage. Most of the major ones I think we could safely predict, being born, some moments frozen in time from our childhood, some teen year highlights, special loves and romances, marriage, children…. those are the obvious ones.

But within each of us, there will undoubtedly be some surprises – for example I know one, just recently, I had an epiphany of sorts – something… something…. happened to me. Something that has caused me to re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about myself, my ideals, some of my deepest held beliefs.

Something that has made it hard for me to concentrate on anything else, I wouldn’t say it’s an obsession yet, but it is rapidly spiraling off in a direction that could easily see that reality become.. well, a reality. I don’t have to tell you that I have flirted with more than my fair share of Taboos, but this – even I find this somewhat difficult to swallow… but the heart wants what the heart wants and who am I to extinguish the one true, deep, meaningful, all-consuming love of my life?

True, it doesn’t conform to societies rigid moral codes or depending on your perspective, even the generally agreed upon rules of good taste and decorum. But I say again, whose right is it to corral a wild stallion, who thinks themselves worthy of enclosing the majestic lion within a fence?

You sir? Or you Madam?

Then who are you to judge what’s right or wrong – who are you to try and dictate to me who and who not is destined to be my eternal soul mate?

Don’t you think I already know it’s wrong, don’t you think I already feel dirty and unworthy? I’ve lived my life thus far by a code and now I feel… I feel so lost, I’m forced to re-examine that code. Have I been living a lie – lo these many years?  You know what – I don’t care. I’ve never felt this way before, I’ve never experienced this level of longing – this heart wrenching ache of pure animal attraction.

Something this strong can’t be wrong… it just can’t.

I’ve fallen in love with a doll. I found her completely by accident online and my god, she is beautiful. Of course you recoil in abject disapproval, sitting there on your high horse holding tight the reigns of morality. I say again unto you – I don’t care. She is the embodiment of my fantasies and the answer to my dreams.

She will be mine.



Tell me that’s not the hottest barbie you’ve ever laid eyes upon… she is fantastic. I would be embarrassed to go on any further as I’m quite sure would you be as well. Because it’s about to get all playboy mansion grotto up in here… with oils & lotions and pillows and…. well you get the picture. Oh my god if these are the kinds of dolls the are making now I’m about to spend a significantly larger chunk of my time at Toys R Us.

This doll will haunt me until my last breath here on this earth. I say again, how can a love this pure and powerful be wrong? I love you, I love you plastic –  shaped and decorated in a way that I find unbelievably intoxicating and I am utterly bewitched.

Have a Great Day.