Luxury & Exotic Dancing Injuries

You know “they” always say the first million is the hardest to make. I haven’t found that to be the case at all. For me, no matter what I did I just couldn’t seem to break the 100 Million mark. Very frustrating. BUT I am happy to report that just recently I was able to finally surpass….

Oh…. wait….. Nope my mistake – I’m just now hearing from head office that in fact I still haven’t broken the hundred million dollar mark. Whoops, oh.. wait they just asked for clarification – apparently if I am talking about negatives… in which case I am well past owing 100 million. OK well not quite but it feels like that sometimes. I think it’s doubly frustrating because there’s no money in being middle class anymore.

We’ve lost our desire to be middle class. Everywhere you look, every home or apartment is advertised as “luxury,” because god forbid anyone just have a humble hard-working home. We’re either a gated community or a ghetto, there’s no in-between. There’s something to this, but the reality is the middle class seems to be going the way of the Do-Do. So even aspiring to be middle class is already setting yourself up for failure, having the desire isn’t a possibility. What used to be called the middle class is now more commonly referred to as working poor.

There are very few fat bank accounts, very few tidy nest eggs stowed away. Most people are only a few short months away from being in serious financial trouble – No one wants to step down from the gated community and it’s tougher than ever to take a step up from the ghetto.

However, in the structural truth, there’s a cultural truth and you can see it in the success of shows like American Idol and in our obsession with celebrity culture and as a consequence, The Middle Class” lacks contemporary appeal. Everyone thinks about “making it big” fast, you’re a fool for wanting to WORK for your achievements – that just isn’t the way it’s done anymore – it seems good things do not come to those who wait. Everyone is praying that they hit the 50 million lotto max jackpot.

I’ve got to believe that working, actually sitting down and nose to grind-stone, no quick fixes, honest and sincere effort still has a pay-off. That it will result in eventually coming out on top. That I will be rewarded, I’m not talking 100 million here, (although that’s easily what I’m worth, in the world I rule) I just want, like you I’m sure, to not have to worry all the time.

Who knows, maybe I’m a total boob and completely naive, in which case – don’t ruin the surprise for me, I want to find out my life crashes and burns at the last possible moment – like a surprise guest star on a very special episode of “Family Ties”… I want to draw my last breath as the realization hits that I should have been looking for the quick buck the whole time, crime does pay, particularly white-collar crime – I wasted my life trying to get honestly paid for honest work.

Things are very different from when our parents worked, I can remember my mom sitting, crying in the kitchen – with severe tassel burns from her shift at the “exotic” dance club – but at least she had the satisfaction and comfort of knowing that the harder she “shook it” the more money she made. For me, no matter how hard I shake it, the money doesn’t come…. it just doesn’t…

Oh I don’t know maybe dancing isn’t for me anymore, maybe I need to look into something even…. I can’t say it, I won’t say it…


Have a Great Day