Long Day’s Journey into Night…


I’m in an extended time out.

I know, I know – how will you ever make it through the day without my gentle guidance and wisdom. Well I have every faith in you, take the lessons I’ve taught you and spread your wings.

I’m Ok – I just can’t seem to catch a break. We had a spike in the warfarin dosage, how’s this for not cool – I cut my arm, near the elbow and it took just over 31 hours to stop bleeding, yea I said 31. For reals…. My Heart is still wacky, breathing is still laboured. I just can’t muster the mental, physical or emotional gusto to make these funny, or even readable right now. Unless you’re interested in hearing about who I’d like to stab in the face each day. Sorry my friends, clearly I am having some anger issues….

I’ll be back when I am able to put the hate & misery back into a little box and wheel him far off into a huge warehouse, just like at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Hugs & Kisses and hey…. Remember…… Only you can prevent forest fires!

Have a Great Day