Thou art gone from my gaze like a beautiful dream…..

How like a winter hath my absence been
From thee, the pleasure of the fleeting year!
What freezings have I felt, what dark days seen!

I’m fixing to come back online soon, my health situation hasn’t improved much, unless you count the progression of the Ebola, mainly it would be because my head is near bursting with stuff eager to explode into being….. somehow, it’s just not the same talking that crazy talk to someone in person. You end up getting…. “the look” …

You know the one that says “hahahaha, I’m laughing in a non-committal way, mostly it’s discomfort – but I’m not inclined to make any sudden moves around you – I’m joining you in your obvious amusement, about a subject in which I find in no way amusing so that I may live and/or if the police kick down the door in the next 8 seconds I will not in any way be linked to you or any illegal activities in which you may have been a willing participant. It is clear to me that I am currently in grave danger and you are in serious need of medical/psychological attention, with the very distinct possibility that the only prudent outcome would be for the proper authorities to put you down.”

You know, THAT look….

So I’m taking it back online – where my “outlook” is appreciated by you, my equally demented readers…

It’s been hard. The nightly writing had become a habit, although unlike my small animal torture – it was somewhat less messy. My Barbie is fine, thanks for asking and we are getting pretty… well… let’s just say I am within spitting distance of third base….
so, good for me…

She’s pretty high maintenance but it’s the price you pay for being so beautiful. Now I know how all my ex-girlfriends must have felt….

Ok well I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to pause while I beat the fatigue and for not abandoning me… I can’t believe how many of you kept coming back, day after day and still no post to reward you, and yet – you came back again and again… cripes – get a hobby already!


I see you!

Have a Great Day