BUT, Where’s the Nanny When you Really Need Her?

Today, nothing except a dramatization of my personal philosophy…. or at least the one I wish I had… It made an impression on me as a kid and I’ve found it to be very useful in all sorts of situations, both good and bad. It’s both tactical and sweet, literally – it works for personal as well as corporate matters, in short – if we all adhered to my policies and philosophies more often, imagine the chaos.



Although very true, at least until you get Type 2 Diabetes and figure out that it isn’t practical to be pounding back a spoonful of sugar every time you are faced with an unpleasant task. SO I’ll grit my teeth, down no sugar and charge head-long into what I can only hope is my last operation, forever and ever. AND…
in that vein;

See you in a few days when I am up and around.

Have a Great Day,