Lasers, Filth & Awesomeness

Every so often  something comes along that is so revolutionary, so cutting edge, so completely off the radar that everything that comes after it – will be changed – forever….

I’ve found it, for some reason – which eludes me, I’ve had some time on my hands and like any child of the modern era, I’ve spent a good portion of that online. I’ve……. well…… I’ve SEEN things…… I’ve been to places, places where all the hand sanitizer in the world will not make the dirty feeling go away – I know exactly how Lady MacBeth felt – ALL great Neptunes oceans will not from my hands be rinsed……. now listen, I found these sites completely by accident, I was looking up medical stuff, I swear….

I’m not going to lie to you, it rattled me….. I almost went out and bought Net Nanny and started censored the websites I’m allowing myself to visit…. Apparently I can’t be trusted and noone is monitoring me, who is watching out for my well being – who the hell is protecting me…… from me?

I digress, my post here isn’t about the abominations and utterly degrading, disgusting, debasing of humanity (which I now have safely saved in my bookmarks under the folder “Important passages of the Koran”…. noone will find them there)…. anyways, I am here to shout from the rooftops about perhaps the perfect website and what I’m quite certain the inventors of The Internets had in mind when they were laying the earliest digital foundations…

Were one so inclined, they could find some irony in the website I’m about to unveil and were an individual further so inclined perhaps even some humor could be unearthed – because gentle reader, from the comments I’ve rec’d and the feedback I’ve been getting my readership is predominately female…. (take that as you wish – either I am exceptionally in tune with my feminine side and thusly “speak” to womens hearts – OR as I prefer to believe, it’s due to the borderline magical hypnotic charm I exude over women, making them all gooey inside) which helps explains why I feel like Johnny Depp so much of the time….

There really isn’t much else to say, except I wish I had thought of it first…. be forewarned – as with any “new” “outside the box thinking” it takes an adjustment and perhaps you may not be ready for the revolution – (wuss, maybe your mom did your braids too tight before kindergarten this morning, do you need help getting the spongebob barrettes unhooked, little tiny baby poopy pants sissy girl)  —  ahem…. either you are or you aren’t, but make no mistake and mark my words, it’s coming…..   Ladies and Gentlemen I give you…. the future ( for those hard of technology – Click the previous words to be transported to Xanadu)

After visiting the site I’m interested in feedback…..  because I have another idea……..

Have a GREAT Day.