Experimentation & Locust

Ok right off the top, I’m just gonna go ahead and put it out there – not to be mentioned again (this post)….   There has been a decidedly “cool” response to the Lazer T*ts website I was generous enough to share. Can I just make sure you get it… you see what it is, is… lazers and then you take the lazers and you add them to T*ts…. where is the disconnect? Normally, I think you’ll find, T*ts don’t HAVE lazers. So you can see the beauty of the idea. It incorporates, Science, Physiology, Physics, Sexuality and the Empowerment of Women…… Ok Ok perhaps I’m reaching… But damn, I thought it was pretty funny…..

Onwards to todays info-tainment, I realize with my rational self (however small that remaining portion may be) that for all it’s gains and advances medical science is still woefully in the dark about a great many things. Sure it would be great to drop by the hospital see Dr. House and then sit back and take the 3 ticket ride to health-town. BUT – in the real world it seldom works that smoothly. We’re all aware that my frustration level is off the charts and with that comes a certain welcoming abandon, taking risks that in a more relaxed frame of mind, perhaps, I wouldn’t choose to participate in. I’m stopping short of CIA LSD experimentation but other than that I’m open to almost anything to make this end… now.

I was invited to drop in on a special class, where as near as I can tell they were trying to… well…. I’m not sure what exactly – because I bolted, only stopping long enough to snap a picture and then I was out….


Of course I was curious, but hell no - I wasn't sticking around.... there's no way this ends well....

Like I was saying, you start looking at alternative therapy and once you do, you’ll find, there is alot of alternative therapy out there. People only too willing to cash in on the fear, panic and gullibility of people going through an extraordinarily difficult time and in many cases, not in a perfectly lucid state. I’ve looked into many of them and done my due diligence, Aromatherapy – Acupuncture – Acupressure etc etc all the way through to Zombie therapy in which one treats the song Zombie by the Cranberries as a mantra and through chanting of the chorus – you are healed….. … With their tanks, and their bombs,
and their bombs, and their guns,

In your head, In your head, They’re cryin’… In your head,

In your head, Zombie Zombie Zombie-ie-ie-ie…

The lone common denominator seems to be, initially – their prognosis and confidence in their ability to help, if not totally cure your condition rests solely on your ability to buy enough stuff they just coincidentally happen to sell. Just use these pills, herbs, salves, balms, teas, rubs, compounds, wraps etc etc….. These treatments and their shady practitioners literally start coming out of the walls, I have no idea how they got my information but I often get unsolicited mail informing me of the very newest “cure” discovered – that miraculously and exactly fits my unique situation…… I ramp up my spam blockers and unsubscribe and still, like the biblical plague, they come….

I know there are thousands of legitimate instances where ones own mind is more than capable of wiping out some existing medical condition, sans the snake oil – but sitting on this side of the fence, some things you would normally only pause long enough to scoff at, suddenly aren’t quite as funny as they used to be, you find yourself actually reading the fine print….. because you neeeeever know….. I’m not there yet but I have been looking at stuff and who knows — the stuff that doesn’t sound quite so crackers, I may take a good hard look at…. naturally they all cost money, which is a major stumbling block,  I assume the opening gambit will be “how can you put a price on your health? My witty retort will be something along the lines of  “shut up doofus” – if I had tons of money would I be sitting in the back of your white Ford Econoline van “Clinic” parked behind the boarded up 7-11…… doubtful, dumbass — so yes, I can put a price on my health – I just haven’t decided what it is yet.

I should have more info in the next few days with med & lab test results coming back, plenty of appointments in the next few days…….. Having a wonderful time, wish you were here…..

Have a Great Day.